Offered For Sale: "Secumptual III" a Pristine Example of the Legendary Cal 40
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Captain Tom Honig, licensed by the United States Coast Guard, has enjoyed his passion for sailing for over 40 years. The last two years of his life have been consumed by a project that was not planned, but seemed the right thing to do at the time.  5000 man hours later, you have to wonder, what was he thinking?

Hi, I'm Tom, I write all the stuff on the web site, and I will explain, in the first person, instead of writing about myself as if I was not here, why I bought Hull #43,  why I am selling it, why I do not want to sell it (obvious, it is a great boat), why the ROI, return on investment, is in the minus column, The materials alone this Cal 40 sucked up in the last two years, stored in ziplock bags of receipts, marked by the month, waiting to be totaled, yuck , will negate the $40,000 gross return on this boat I bought for $19,000 in Annapolis, and I am selling for $59,000 in Wilmington NC.


Make your reservation now for an unforgetable two hour day sail aboard "Secumptual III"

  • Secumptual III is a restored Cal 40, perhaps the most successful Ocean Racer ever designed
  • Departing from Banks Channel every Saturday and Sunday at 10 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm
  • Limited to 6 guests for a personal experience
  • Two Hour Sails priced at $45 per person
  • Perfect for a family outing
  • Customized sailing excursions are available for any occasion
  • Celebrate your wedding, anniversary, or birthday on board
  • Include a sail in your corporate meeting activities
  • Private charters are available

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